Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date

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Buzbee said that Layman came to his home with others and that he had not met her prior to that evening.

Layman is accused of pouring liquid onto paintings, tearing paintings off the wall and throwing sculptures across a room, according to Harris County court documents.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief Saturday.

A woman accused of destroying three paintings and two sculptures belonging to Houston attorney Tony Buzbee and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage appeared in court.

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Layman's LinkedIn profile says she has worked as a freelance court reporter.

According to prosecutors, after returning to Buzbee's home following that date, Buzbee called an Uber for Layman.

"She also pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall", Buzbee told Texas Lawyer. "When they returned to his home, he believed she was too intoxicated and decided he wanted her to leave". Per the information read in court, Layman was aggressive toward the second Uber driver, walked back into Buzbee's home and shouted, "I'm not leaving".

At least one of the paintings was by Warhol and the total cost of the damage was more than $1.5 million, Houston TV station KHOU reported.

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The sketches evidently incorporate an Andy Warhol unique. The sculptures, KHOU reported, were worth $20,000 each.

Buzbee is known for leading the defense in an abuse of power case against former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Buzbee's claim to fame includes once hosting President Donald Trump when he was just a nominee.

Buzbee also made headlines a year ago for parking a tank outside of his home, causing a brief fight with his homeowner's association.

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