Live results for $450M Mega Millions drawing on 01/05/18

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That means that one ticket-holder (there could be more than one winner) will get more than $400 million if he or she had the right numbers.

Under the new rules, tickets are $2 and jackpots reset at $40 million. Two ticket holders - one in Rhode Island, the other in MI, split a $42 million prize. "Everything is by chance these days so, you gotta be in it to win it", says Lynn.

"But, there's the ticket", said lottery player Harvey Wright.

Kilbane says there were about $3 million in Mega Millions sales just for the one drawing earlier this week and about $4.5 million for the Powerball.

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"My point of view is if I win the jackpot, I would spend that money here in Mason City", Akbar said.

"I figure taxes and stuff, it's worth it when it gets up to $300 million or so", said Nate Boos, bought lottery ticket. I would give each of my three children $1 million each and set aside some for my grandchildren's education. "Probably not a victor but between now and then I'm spending millions and millions of dollars", said Gino Smith, bought lottery ticket. "If I win, I will tell my kids and grandkids I won, and then I'm out of here!"

"I don't play much, but when the number is this big, I'll take a chance", added Singh.

You'd be surprised how many winning tickets are never turned in.

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Mega Millions would be the fourth largest jackpot in that game's history at $450 million if someone matches all six numbers on Friday night.

Koppy said it varies how often the jackpot is hit.

The Powerball jackpot is estimated at $570 million going into Saturday night's drawing.

If no one gets the winning numbers, it will roll over and could reach $720 million.

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