Logan Paul No Longer A Youtube Preferred Partner

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Paul, a former Disney Channel star alongside his brother Jake, was one of YouTube's most popular content producers, with over 15 million subscribers. He and his friends came upon a body hanging from a tree and posted it to his YouTube account under the guise of "suicide awareness".

As a 22-year-old YouTube star, one wants to hope that Logan Paul didn't know that what he was doing was incredibly wrong, disrespectful and thoughtless. Last night, YouTube responded by, among other things, kicking Paul out of Google Preferred. The company also said he will not be featured on season 4 of the original YouTube series "Foursome", and said "his new Originals are on hold".

However, it's unclear how Paul's video was allowed to stay up on YouTube as long as it did.

Paul's channel is still active on YouTube meaning he'll still receive the same ad revenue that average YouTuber receive when users watch their content, he just won't receive the higher advertising rate that he received as part of the Preferred program.

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YouTube has not taken internal action as of yet.

YouTube's removal of Paul from its preferred advertiser program is expected to have financial repercussions to his channel.

YouTube also condemned Paul's actions and stated that suicide should never be used as a joke or a means for viewership.

On Tuesday, Youtube also took to Twitter to post an open letter directed toward its community.

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On the 9 of January, YouTube's staff posted an official apology, declaring that it expects so much more from its content creators and that this sort of facetious attitude is only blamable but that it affects the entire community as well. It instituted it years ago to deal with both the perception and the reality that the world's biggest video site has a lot of. stuff, and that advertisers might prefer a clean, well-lit place.

Logan Paul is a YouTuber who's famous for being, for lack of a better description, a complete fucking dickbag. Paul then uploaded a 2-minute apology video in which he teared up and apologized to his viewers, those affected with mental illness and the victim's family. Additionally, the streaming site went on to say that they prohibit the gory content that Paul shared.

Now, there are two ways YouTube could proceed after handing down Paul's punishment: the company could consider the situation handled and do nothing further, or we could see YouTube instate new community guidelines or rules that pertain to this incident.

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