Demonstrators vandalise lawmakers' homes during protest against Kasur rape and murder

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Ansai's rape and murder begets an important question, "What kind of world are we building for our children?"

The news sent shockwaves across Pakistan causing widespread outrage with protests erupting in different parts of the country. The report found injuries on her body and face, and a bone in her neck fractured. CCTV footage shows an unnamed man leading her away by the hand, but no arrests have been made in this case so far.

Holding her daughter in her arms, anchor Kiran Naz delivered an emotional speech on January 10 to protest the rape and murder of 7-year-old Zainab. When was the last time you insisted on repealing the Hadood Ordinances under which a raped woman can be charged with adultery unless she produces four male witnesses?

However, Samaa TV's news anchor Kiran Naz chose a novel method to address the issue.

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"We will not bury our daughter until her killers are arrested", said the father, Ameen Ansari, as his wife sobbed.

"My relatives and neighbours told me that the police used to come, have food and leave". "While they didn't do anything, my friends and family spent day and night looking for my daughter", he added. The violence escalated after the funeral prayers for Muhammad Ali and Shoaib.

Local media reports say that police suspect that the man who raped and murdered Zainab is the same person who abducted, raped and murdered five other children in the city of Kasur in 2017. According to Pakistani media, traders shut shop to join a demonstration near the hospital demanding strict action against perpetrator.

In a speech to thousands of mourners, he blamed the Punjab chief minister, Shahbaz Sharif, for failing to "protect lives and honour of innocent girls" in the province.

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He said he had heard that several such incidents had taken place in the province and summoned details of all such incidents from the police.

Locals have a different story to share. Two demonstrators were killed by the police as a result of straight firing in an attempt to disperse the crowd. "The law and order situation here is really bad and there have been many such incidents". She said that the whole of Pakistan felt the burden of what happened to Zainab, and that she was adopting this form of protest being a mother herself.

Many politicians, activists condemned the death of the young girl and urged to bring the culprits to justice in tweets that flooded Twitter.

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