Parts of Tennessee under winter storm warning

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Winds at times could be damaging. Wind chill advisories may be needed once again and whatever snow does will stick and blow around in the wind.

The conditions for freezing rain are slowly moving toward the east coast, affecting central and northern New England. This will be the start of another extended streak of days with temperatures below freezing.

Winter is back! Last night's cold front has produced a tremendous temperature tumble of 20-50 degrees.

Snowfall will start Friday morning and continue until around noon for the region.

Places such as Little Rock, Arkansas, have already experienced this change.

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More inland, snow continues to drop along the interior northeast.

A wintry blast coated parts of Kentucky and Tennessee with sleet and ice early Friday, forcing schools to close. Significant snow accumulation is expected. New snow and sleet accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible. Areas east and south could see another 4 - 8 inches.

New York City and numerous other main metro areas in the Northeast will remain slightly above freezing, leaving most people in the cities wet and dodging the slosh in the gutters.

Then, with cold air reestablished, a little snow is possible when the next weather system approaches early next week.

41% of the USA had snow on the ground this morning. Temperatures remain cold, reaching the middle to upper 20s.

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Friday is very warm and wet with plenty of rain.

The National Weather Service in Paducah says travel conditions will deteriorate Thursday night beginning in Missouri, then southern IL and eventually west Kentucky.

Snow melted away just in time for a fresh layer, and it looks like Friday's flakes will be around longer than just the morning.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb also tweeted Thursday evening that a full call-out of the 1,092 snow plows in the Indiana Department of Transportation's fleet is scheduled in anticipation of the treacherous road conditions.

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