Prostate cancer now kills more in United Kingdom than breast cancer

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And if a woman goes to an emergency rooom with symptoms of heart failure, he said, triage nurses need to factor in past breast cancer treatment when making the initial determination of whether she has heart failure. But for patients who are obese, smoke and have high cholesterol or blood pressure - or those already diagnosed with heart disease - the risk is even greater.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is traumatic enough for a woman, but knowing that treatments to save her life could put her at risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, only heighten her anxiety. This should not scare the patient from taking treatment for breast cancer but should be in a consistent communication with their doctor about the kind of treatment being given to them. Dr. Susan Gilchrist, a cardiologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center who runs the only USA program for women's heart health after cancer, said she would treat hypertension, obesity, and other risk factors even more aggressively in a patient who had received doxorubicin, for instance.

This compares to 11,442 women who die from breast cancer.

Certain clinical management strategies may help reduce or prevent the adverse effects of breast cancer therapy.

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According to the charity, while 72,513 pieces of research had been published on prostate cancer since 1999, more than 146,000 had been published on breast cancer.

"We assess the factors that are really important to patients, such as keeping their natural breast or avoiding radiation, and then we use that to generate a quantitative mapping of how those values relate to the treatments that they might be considering, and then show them visually", adds Hawley.

While it's not a symptoms of the cancer itself, it could be a sign of the disease: frequent peeing at night is linked to a possible tumour causing the prostate gland to swell. HER-2 targeted therapies, for example, are created to combat more aggressive breast cancers, but can disrupt heart function as a result. That's a problem because heart failure caused by a chemo drug like doxorubicin is treated differently than heart failure from a heart attack, he said.

The NHS explains on its website that a man's age increases his risk of this type of cancer.

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The American Heart Association's statement is "long overdue", said Dr. Lewis Kuller, a professor and past chair of the department of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, who was not involved in the statement.

"But while the rate of people dying from cancer overall is decreasing, the overall number of people developing and dying from cancer in the United Kingdom and worldwide is expected to rise".

After skin cancer, it's the most common cancer in women. "If you compare to 10, 20 years ago, survival rates are generally getting better, that is certainly the case for both prostate and breast [cancer]". "This is much better than a few decades ago", she said. But as they got older, many developed serious side effects, called "late effects", from the treatments, including heart problems and second cancers.

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