Senate reaches bipartisan budget deal, House opposition emerges

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The Senate approved it earlier and sent it to the House of Representatives. While Congress would still have to pass another spending measure before that deadline, the agreement announced Wednesday includes a longer-term pact to lift spending caps by roughly $400 billion for Pentagon and domestic programs over two years. Spending for non-defense programs would increase $63 billion this year and $68 billion next year.

Defense spending would increase by $80 billion over current law in this fiscal year and $85 billion in the one that begins October 1, according to a congressional official familiar with the plan. The bill also raises the debt limit and extends funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for 10 years instead of the current six.

Both Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said they were unwilling to compromise with Paul.

The Senate and the House had given Thursday's complete focus to the two-year budget deal to prevent the shutdown. "I'm very hopeful, very hopeful".

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In a statement, he also said the agreement includes investments in infrastructure and resources to combat the opioid crisis, as well as almost $90 billion in disaster relief for hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and the US Virgin Islands.

But Schumer, speaking on the Senate floor, said any increase in defense spending should be accompanied by an equal increase domestic spending.

Leaders of both parties in the US Senate have agreed on a two-year budget proposal that would remove the threat of government shutdowns.

McConnell also highlighted the funding for fighting opioid abuse and disaster aid, along with assurances on transportation and infrastructure, which he called a bipartisan priority.

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Senate Democrats are evidently confident that their concerns over immigration will be met during a forthcoming debate on a Dreamers Bill, and were happy to park the issue for the sake of keeping the government open.

But Ryan also will lose at least 20 to 40 votes from the conservative Republican Freedom Caucus, which Wednesday evening declared its opposition to the bill, as did several right-leaning advocacy groups.

Meanwhile, President Trump said Tuesday afternoon at a White House roundtable on MS-13 gang violence, "I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't see this taken care of". Now that a caps deal has been made, Senate leaders are expected to strip out the full year of funding for defense, attach the caps deal and hope the House can pass their breakthrough bill.

House Democrats do not appear to have a cohesive strategy on the vote.

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But House conservatives are objecting to the spending increases, and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi set a record with a marathon speech - seven hours and counting - demanding that Republicans hold votes on legislation to protect immigrant "dreamers". Their legal status could be in jeopardy after President Donald Trump gave Congress a March 5 deadline to find a permanent solution to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.