You Know Logan Paul Is Gonna Keep Doing This Crap Forever, Right?

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The video was fiercely derided online and by fellow YouTube personalities, and eventually led YouTube to kick Paul's channel out of its premium video network, Google Preferred, which is created to only offer higher-quality videos for brands to run ads. And he reportedly tweeted "swallowing 1 tide pod per retweet" on the same day, in reference to the risky Tide Pod challenge, in which people record themselves eating detergent packets and post the videos to social media. Less than one week later, however, he has found himself with a temporary suspension by YouTube from displaying ads on his channel after filming himself using a Taser on a#dead rat.

Paul then made a decision to change his tune to help people and set out on a suicide awareness campaign with serious videos, but now YouTube has completely pulled advertising from his channel after he posted videos about Tide Pods and using a Taser on dead rats. These include taking a fish out of water and giving it CPR, tasering a dead rat, and persuading his viewers to take part in the Tide Pod challenge.

It later arrived at a conclusion to suspend all advertising on Paul's channels for the time being.

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"How many chances does Logan Paul get?"

Paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment for this story.

YouTube recently tightened their rules surrounding advertiser friendly content on the video hosting site, leading to a large number of alternative channels being de monetised completely.

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Paul also posted a video that appears to show how incomplete the YouTuber's redemption narrative really is.

In a video posted on February 4, Paul brags about having accumulated a vast subscriber count after having taken a short sabbatical from YouTube following the outcry over his video depicting the Japanese "suicide forest". In response to the outrage, YouTube cut the influencer from all of its originals projects that were now in development, put an age requirement on his channel, and removed him from its Google's premium advertising program. You can read YouTube's statement via YouTube Creators' Twitter account.

It's clear that Paul is far from a good role model, and many viewers think so, so it's unclear why YouTube made a decision to keep him on after demonetizing his videos. In his very first vlog back, Paul encourages his young fans to buy as much merch as possible to help him make up the income he'd lost during his break from YouTube. You either love me, or you hate me.

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