CDC To Announce New Nationwide Flu Stats Friday

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People with underlying health conditions who are between the ages of 2 and 64 should consult their doctor about which vaccines they should receive and when.

The health department is still recommending anyone who is eligible get a flu vaccine, Ferrell said, because Virginia experienced widespread flu activity through March past year.

But the good news is that it works better in kids.

The CDC said that the overall effectiveness of this year's vaccine is 36 percent.

People who contract the flu can become contagious from one day before becoming sick and up to seven days after. Marshfield is one of five USA sites measuring flu vaccine effectiveness.


For the week ending February 10, New Jersey reported high flu activity across the state. Typically the very old, very young, and immuno-compromised are hit hardest by the flu. There are hundreds of viruses that can cause flu-like symptoms. Among the 54 whose vaccination status was known, 74 percent had not been vaccinated. Most of the children had not been vaccinated, according to a CDC study. She was Georgia's first pediatric death as a result of this season's particularly devastating flu outbreak. During each of those seasons, flu accounted for around 710,000 hospitalizations and 56,000 deaths. That data will come later.

Others question the vaccine's effectiveness.

H3N2 is one of the strains contained in this year's flu vaccine along with two or three others, depending on the vaccine.

"The strains that are circulating are the strains we predicted". Department officials believe New Brunswick's high numbers are because of the longer flu season, and co-circulation of both strains. People must get a new vaccine every year to be protected. If you must go out, it's best to cough or sneeze into your elbow to prevent spreading the flu droplets to your hands, and then to everything you touch. To minimize pain that can be associated with injections, Connolly used the smallest needle that can accommodate flu vaccine.

"Getting vaccinated does not mean you won't get sick, but it can lessen your illness", Adams said.

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"Some protection is better than no protection at all".

Recent research suggests that the traditional production process may make flu vaccines less effective, especially for H3N2.

"There is still time".

"We recommend people to get the flu shot in October".

"It's disgusting to see your child with a breathing mask on her face", said Stephanie Calvin, 35, of Mandeville, Louisiana, whose 4-year-old daughter has been sick with flu for four weeks. If people have the flu, they say, people should call their healthcare provider for advice and potential treatment.

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Eighty-four children have died so far.

The top heads of the US health departments didn't openly state concerns that some Americans might not be vaccinating themselves or their children due to an unfounded wariness about the flu vaccine.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, flanked by officials including the surgeon general, the head of the Food and Drug Administration and the acting head of the CDC, noted that he, his wife and children had been vaccinated and said "so has President Trump".

The child's death is the first confirmed flu-related pediatric loss of life this flu season, according to the agency.

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