Haverhill urges flu shots after girl's death

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"We certainly are having a significant flu season, but other than the appearance of early B it's not out of the range of anything unexpected".

Most did not even have flu - just 38 percent of them tested positive for flu. The vaccine provided 59 percent protection against H3N2 in children 8 and younger.

This kind of virus tends to cause more suffering and have been responsible for the worst recent flu seasons. Australia's end-of-season estimates found even less effectiveness against the same strain for that nation's vaccine: a mere 10 percent.

"The fact that the vaccine doesn't work as well as we would like is clearly a contributing factor", said Dr. William Schaffner, a Vanderbilt University vaccine expert.

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This season's vaccine was designed, as in other seasons, several months in advance-before it was known which strains would be circulating in the population.

Fiorentini noted that flu shots were being made available at the Haverhill Citizen Center yesterday.

At this time past year, 44 deaths and 3,368 total confirmed cases had been tallied, compared to the 251 deaths and 16,078 cases this season.

"Any type of vaccine is better than none", said Scott Hensley, a University of Pennsylvania microbiologist who has led studies that raised critical questions about the vaccine. And 53 percent of those who did not have flu had been vaccinated.

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Ultimately, scientists say the only real solution is a "universal" influenza vaccine that would not only protect against seasonal flu but also guard against a future pandemic. The area has been plagued by influenza-like symptoms in children and young adults. Approximately 3,440 hospitalizations have been reported since flu season began.

There were two flu-related pediatric deaths in MA during the 2016-2017 flu season.

"I'd never had the flu before and I can't believe I got it after getting the shot", she said.

"CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination because the vaccine can still prevent some infections with now circulating influenza viruses, which are expected to continue circulating for several weeks", the agency said in its report.

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Against these two less-prevalent flu strains, the vaccine earned higher marks of effectiveness. But the strains used for the immunization can adapt to the egg and become less effective against the flu. There are now cell-based vaccines, high-dose vaccines.... "Call 311 for information on how you can still get a flu shot, and contact a doctor immediately if you feel ill".