What's Up With This Olympic Freeskier's Bizarrely Bad Halfpipe Run?

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Then she just waited until a few women fell and crashed at those events, so she didn't end up dead last, and it finally happened in December.

This year, there were 24 quota spots available for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in women's ski halfpipe.

Even if some are less than thrilled with her appearance in the Olympics, Swaney hopes that she helped "inspire others in Hungary and the world to become involved" in her sport.

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She "contested" a total of 13 events and by not attempting any tricks was able to complete the course and score points simply for finishing. Either Swaney is an embarrassment to the Olympics who gamed the system on her way to Pyeongchang, or she is an admirable study in persistence who provided the kind of offbeat story at the Games that has charmed us in the past.

"I didn't qualify for the finals, so I'm really disappointed with that", Swaney said afterward, according to Reuters. While she finished last or close to last in all those world cup events, qualifying for the Olympics requires a minimum number of top-30 finishes and there's rarely 30 women competing. "Those things are in the works so technically you need to qualify up through the system".

Meet Elizabeth Swaney, a 34-year-old software engineer recruiter from California, a graduate of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design-heck, a woman who'd reportedly never tried skiing until she was 25-who can now add Olympic athlete to her resume. "But I worked really hard for several years to achieve this". But later, she switched to representing Hungary, citing her grandparents' heritage. She went through the necessary hoops to join Team Hungary, the connection coming from her Hungarian maternal grandfather, who she said would have turned 100 on Tuesday.

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"I'm a pretty open-minded person", said France's Marie Martinod, a silver medalist in halfpipe in Sochi four years ago.

If you ever wondered whether you could qualify for the Olympics, I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN!

She placed 24th ― dead last.

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Not everyone loves that Swaney figured out this way to make it to the Olympics without being a true Olympic-level athlete. She's spent more than her fair share of money hopscotching continents chasing a dream she says was hatched watching the 1992 Games. I dare you to watch it and not laugh. Devin Logan, a two-time Olympian who scored 71.60 in her first run to just miss the cutoff while dealing with a knee injury. Congrats to my fellow freestyle competitors as well as friends in other sports; it's been a long road for many of us! And maybe this will have an impact on skiing in Hungary.