No pitch clock in 2018, but mound visits, warm-up times limited

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The agreement marks the end of contentious bidding that began when Manfred indicated the strong desire to implement a pitch clock and improve pace of play at the outset of 2017 spring training - when for the first time he raised the notion of unilaterally imposing a pitch clock. With over two minutes between innings and at every pitching change, the league has almost 40 minutes of dead time to work with in each game that does not require the intrinsic rules of the game to be fiddled with each year.

Clubs would get extra visits in extra innings and for pinch-hitters, and an extra visit by the catcher would be allowed if the plate umpire determines he and the pitcher crossed up their signs. Also, the second mound visit of an inning requires a pitching change.

In other words, the rule will probably cause a delay, which wouldn't happen if this stupid rule, in my opinion, wasn't in place in the first place.

20-second pitch clock behind Rochester Red Wings pitcher Alex Meyer in a Triple-A game against Buffalo

Padres pitcher Tyson Ross echoed the sentiments of some others around the league who said he didn't feel the game needed to be changed.

The announcement revealed that there will be no changes made the rules regarding the batter's box, but Major League Baseball adjusted the replay system to improve communication between a team and its video room, along with the installment of "direct slow-motion camera angles" in each team's video review rooms.

To the relief of players, the Major League Baseball won't implement a 20-second pitch clock or a between-batter timer, though Commissioner Rob Manfred indicated those steps may be considered in the future if Monday's changes aren't sufficient.

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25 seconds remaining: Umpire signals to the pitcher to complete final warm-up pitch.

"The signs are getting so much more advanced to protect against that, so that's why you're seeing more mound visits", Verlander said.

The timer starts as soon as the final out of the inning is recorded, or when the pitcher leaves the bullpen for a pitching change.

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20 seconds left: Batter is announced by the PA announcer and must leave on-deck circle. It seems like he's out there talking to the pitcher two or three times an inning. Commercial breaks in the postseason will remain at 2:55. There had been talk of charging the pitcher with an automatic ball if he wasn't ready to deliver the pitch when the timer runs out, and charging the batter with an automatic strike if he wasn't in the box when the timer runs out. "One of the beauties of the game is that it has no time limit".

To help with speed of play, the timing between innings will not change. Repeat offenders will be hit with larger and larger fines.

"I know Stromy (pitching coach Brent Strom) gets his cardio in before the game, so maybe it's good for him".

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Keep in mind that a 20-second pitch clock has been used at Double-A and Triple-A for three seasons now. It certainly sounds like something nearing a pitch clock to me. There won't be a pitch clock in 2018.