Amazon could expand Alexa's smart home offerings post Ring acquisition

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After weeks of simply avoiding the products and being unresponsive to Nest, Amazon announced the company of its resolution by phone late in the year and stated the order "came from the top", something Nest took to designate it had been reached down by CEO Jeff Bezos.

According to a report from Business Insider, Nest products won't be sold by e-commerce website to any further extent the moment existing stock sold out.

After that probably awkward conference call, Nest chose to just stop selling their products on Amazon because they want their whole portfolio of products available or nothing at all, according to a person familiar with the company's strategy.

Amazon and Google refused to comment.

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Per Business Insider, during a recent conference call between the two tech giants, Amazon informed Google's team about the decision to stop stocking new Nest products including thermostats and home security systems. Also, the older Nest models will reportedly disappear after current inventories sell out. Currently, Google Chromecast and its Home speakers are no longer in stock with Amazon, which offers similar services, respectively, with its own devices Fire TV and Echo speakers.

This is another chess move in the ongoing war between the two smart home giants.

Amazon reportedly told Google Nest near the end of previous year that it would no longer be listing any of Nest's newer products.

Amazon's decision to stop selling competing Google products reflects its dedication to making a name for itself the field of future computing platforms. No news right now if Amazon will also restrict Nest products from the Marketplace. This includes thermostats, doorbells, and cameras.

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While Google has its Google Home speakers and Nest gadgets, Amazon boasts its popular Alexa-powered devices, chief among them its Amazon Echo audio hardware family.

Basically, both want to monitor customers' smart home usage and try to snatch up as much auditory information as possible while they're there via smart speakers that can listen in on verbal commands, all in the hopes of building better ad profiles. Amazon already has previous when it comes to removing Google-affiliated items from sale.

Last week, Amazon unveiled that it plans to buy Ring, a company that manufactures connected door bells, for $1 billion, according to Reuters.

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