CNN's Erin Burnett To Sam Nunberg: I Smell Alcohol On Your Breath

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"I definitely think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect", she said about the former adviser's suggestion Mr Trump may have done something illicit during the election.

Nunberg started working for then-businessman Trump in 2011, making him one of his earliest political advisers, but he was sacked from the Republican's campaign in August 2015 before the heat of the 2016 Presidential race. A communications aide who helped arrange the interview with BuzzFeed to take place, Nunberg was blamed by Trump for the bad press. "To which I said, 'Absolutely nyet!". "And they want me to go in and they want me to testify against my mentor who did nothing". Nunberg asked MSNBC's Katy Tur.

"You're the first one I've ever spoken with who's ever done it", Tapper said.

A former aide on U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign said he isn't planning on testifying before a grand jury later this week, despite being subpoenaed. So, if she wants to start attacking me, she can do that, that's fine.

And it came hours after he told the Washington Post he wouldn't comply with a grand jury subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.

"If it were me, I would", Tapper said. "As we've said many times before, there was no collusion with the Trump campaign", Sanders said.

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He said he had been interviewed by the team of Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, for more than five hours late last month. "Perhaps I'm wrong, but he did something".

It is unclear what actions Mueller would take if Nunberg does not appear in front of the grand jury.

"Screw that", he told her. "I'm not going to do it".

Nunberg said his interview with the special counsel left him feeling that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was honing in on Trump's trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2013.

"If he did that, you know what, it's inexcusable", Nunberg continued. "Here's a guy that Donald Trump hired and fired twice because of what Donald Trump felt was incompetent professional work for Trump".

"We were a joke", he said.

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In a statement given to CNN, Stone denied wrongdoing and said he has been a friend and adviser to Trump for decades. Roger is like family to me. "I'm not going to do it".

The committee plans to speak to former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Thursday, a source says.

Mueller has charged several Trump associates and more than a dozen Russians.

I'm using this in part to offer a note about the journalism being conducted here. "I think that he may have done something during the election, but I don't know that for sure". He also slammed the president, saying that he treated he and Stone, his protege, "like crap" during the campaign and called Trump an "idiot".

The Special Counsel's office did not respond to an email seeking comment on the report, and the Post was unable to authenticate the two-page subpoena.

"From having been on the Whitewater investigation, there's a tremendous disconnect between what the media knows and what's actually going on inside the investigation", added Wehle.

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