West Virginia teachers' strike ends with 5 percent raise

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The Supreme Court may soon take away a key union tool for protecting workers' rights.

The #RedForEd day is significant beyond the display of solidarity and a special hashtag - it shows teachers here are getting organized and testing the waters for West Virginia-style action.

Lawmakers seeking to negotiate pay raises for West Virginia's striking teachers have failed to immediately agree on an amount to end the walkout that has shut down the state's public schools.

That's one reason the statewide teachers' strike in West Virginia, which on Monday entered its eighth day, is so thrilling.

The hike proposed in the bill hinges on new projected state revenue numbers that the governor announced earlier this week.

The bottom line here for the vast majority of Americans is that this Supreme Court decision is a key part of a larger war against not just unions but the notion that there should be any restraint against the unchecked power of the affluent and corporations. Some of the nation's bloodiest labor struggles were fought during the coal wars (1912-'21), when miners living in the squalid conditions of West Virginia company towns (where workers lived in company owned housing and were paid largely in tokens that could only be redeemed at company owned stores- a flawless monopoly basically) made a decision to go on strike.

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Teachers and organizers have floated going on strike during the first week of April during Oklahoma's standardized testing season.

With every single public school in West Virginia closed, parents are struggling to figure out what the teacher strike means for their kids' education.

If Justice allows this measure to be placed on the ballot, voters will have to remind Boley, Azinger and company they do not, in fact, have authority over the life or death of women - low income, or otherwise, whose pregnancies could kill them. Meanwhile, health insurance costs have risen, driving down their take-home pay. About 700 classrooms lack fully certified full-time teachers, according to the Associated Press. "I strongly feel we are blessed to have both".

The obvious impetus for the strike lies in the state's bad treatment of its teachers, whose pay ranked 48th in the nation in 2016.

Rather than apply additional pressure to the strikers, county school boards across the state have taken steps to cushion any financial blow that might come to teachers due to their participation in the protests. West Virginia families deserve better. Well, the states share more than a few similarities. The absolute cheapest health care plans across the USA cost between $181 and $366 per month.

All public schools have been closed across the state, leaving about 277,000 students out of school and about 30,000 employees on the picket line as workers fight for the higher pay that now ranks amongst the lowest in the nation and rising health care costs. It's absolutely unacceptable that people regularly suffer and die purely because they can't afford health care.

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And while it appears that Arizonan teachers are slowly moving to follow West Virginia's lead, skeptics will no doubt argue that the situation is a bit different here.

The teacher walkout over pay and benefits in this Appalachian mountain state shuttered classrooms February 22 but shows no signs of an immediate resolution. "They go the best lesson that they could ever had even though they were out of school".

With workers in so many states in precarious positions, it's no surprise that more and more of them are going on strike, regardless of the law.

Observers of the local labor scene didn't see this coming.

Many districts planned to reopen schools Wednesday.

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