Krysten Ritter on what "Jessica Jones" means to women

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Location shoots in the actual neighborhood and elsewhere are used to convey a gritty Hell's Kitchen reflective of the title character's tough exterior. This time around, though, the show wrestles with the idea that demons aren't so easily exorcised: the season begins with Jessica Jones confronting the fact that killing Killgrave didn't necessarily solve her problems.

So where does the protagonist procure the hard stuff? If Marvel and Netflix want to sustain viewer interest in the Defenders-verse, they should probably work on shortening both season orders and episode runtimes. More than two years long.

Filming at the store at 767 10th Ave.

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13 episodes streaming on Netflix from Thursday (March 8). 10th & 11th Aves.) and the recently shuttered Hartley House at 413 W. 46th St. (btw. This is one dark show.

"It's an edgy type of show and we're trying to stay on the edge for it", he said by phone. The snarky, blasé private investigator with super-human strength was the refreshing highlight of the aforementioned superhero mash-up, with whip smart put-downs cutting through the male heroes who whinged about their insecurities. It seems following the success of inspiring film Wonder Woman and with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements shifting the paradigms, people have felt empowered to identify their own personal Kilgrave and, as the saying goes, give him what for. "With Jessica Jones, we're focused on the psychology of Jessica Jones", she says. But at least he provided a very fun Easter egg right off the bat, the first of what we hope will be many as we dive into more of Jessica Jones season 2. She also evolves this season.

Covino called the once-notorious Midtown neighborhood "the ideal backdrop for our superhero". The face-off between Krysten Ritter's Jessica and David Tennant as her tormentor, Kilgrave, was as pitch-perfect as it was neatly resolved; the season finale offered a grim but cathartic conclusion that tied it all up in a bleak, gruesome bow. "How rapey of you", she retorts.

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RITTER: (As Jessica Jones) Why? As in Season One, the most important element of "Jessica Jones" is Jessica. What I loved about her is that there's nothing obvious about her. I thought it was great. The artwork is based on the real comic book cover, published in January 1950.

It only took one episode for Jessica to be in the middle of a mess. It's likely that not all of the experiments were successful, and I doubt any were as extensive as Alisa's given how he obsessed over her. She is an active alcoholic, sleeps around, and has a foul mouth. We are really surprised that Jessica would allow anyone into her head ever again after what happened with Kilgrave so that tells us that either she really trusts Trish or she's desperate. "I've killed, ergo, I'm a killer", she says glumly, adding, "I don't even know what "ergo" means". This is a different kind of superhero. Her adoptive sister, former child star turned radio host Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), is airing a series of investigative shows on superheroes, and her reporting has uncovered evidence that scientists genetically tampered with Jessica's body after the wreck. They helped one another through various crises and continue to help each other out in large and small ways; even if Jessica has a habit of destroying Trish's stuff. That's a lot of people all over the world that will get Jessica Jones' particular tale of empowerment in the coming days, and millions more than got to see the show when it debuted in 2015.

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