PS4 update 5.50 adds a host of new features

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Let's see what this new update has to bring. There's also the ability to supersample for PS4 Pro owners which is pretty cool.

Previously, if you had a PS4 Pro connected to a 1080p display, the console would set the internal render to 1080p even if the game was capable of higher resolutions. This allows parents (or adult family members who are considered guardians) to manage play time for child family members on PSN.

Mahatma Gandhi's Statue In Kerala and BR Ambedkar's Bust In Chennai Damaged
The home minister has appealed to political parties to ensure that those found desecrating statues are dealt with strictly. The statue, however, remained undamaged even though the culprit also tried to destroy it by hitting with stone.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Days Gone is an open-world zombie survival game, with the player being tasked with fighting, strategizing and exploring the game's world on their own terms in order to survive. The children who are playing on the console are warned when their play session is nearly over, allowing them to find a save point or safe logout point before running out of time.

Adults can now keep track and control the length of PS4 playtime for children.

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Gilmour said the ongoing violence makes it impossible to send Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh back to Myanmar. The museum does on-the-ground research into alleged genocide around the world.

If you have a bunch of games/demos that you know you probably won't play again, you can hide them under the "Purchased" tab. This one will show you all the apps and the games that are installed on the PS4 device that you are using. All of your free PlayStation Plus games are now collected in one place in the library tab. Once that window is about to close, a notification will appear and access to a game will be restricted from that point. Version 5.50 also allows you to permanently delete old notifications and to schedule events directly from the tournament page. In 'Options, ' you can hide content including betas, trials or demos of games that you may not be going back to. You can also see who's now online.

The most noticeable highlights of the update include additional parental controls, a supersampling option for PS4 Pro, and some very cool new organization options.

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This new extension is because the organization has found new material that further incriminates Kart in the case. The CBI had initially alleged that Karti received Rs 10 lakh as bribe for the FIPB clearance.