YouTube Strategically Increasing Ads In Music Videos Ahead Of New Subscription Service

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A report from Newsweek said YouTube has enacted a new policy putting restrictions on videos that promote the sale of firearms and accessories. So, to convert users, Cohen shared YouTube's new strategy. The video site, owned by Alphabet Inc.'s Google, has faced intense criticism for hosting videos about guns, bombs and other deadly weapons.

Why YouTube's "frustrating ads" strategy will most likely backfire.

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YouTube Director onsite works by connecting area businesses with YouTube-approved filmmakers, who will schedule call with the advertiser to learn about the business and help them to write a script.

Cohen said he prevailed upon his colleagues and bosses to make some changes to "be good partners" to the music industry. "We feel strongly that after they get done going after guns, they'll continue to ban and erase content that falls in line with conservative ideologies like they have already demonstrated with the deletion of anti-abortion videos and the like". "Everyone is drunk on the growth of subscription".

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Doing a quick Google search, you'll find many videos demonstrating how to watch videos ad-free on the platform. Both asapSCIENCE and Smarter Every Day have expressed interest helping with the initiative, according to a rep, and more information is expected to be released in the coming months prior to the program's launch. A current search on the site for "how to build a gun" yields 25 million results, though that includes items such as toys. I do it all the time, and I can't be the only one because YouTube is trying to support the habit with a new picture-in-picture feature for YouTube on the desktop. According to Cohen, a YouTube music service is in development to compete directly with Apple Music and Spotify. In addition, YouTube reaches a younger demographic, so small businesses should keep in mind that they may need other ways to reach to those over the age of 35, for example.

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