'13 Reasons Why' to include new intro advising viewers of sensitive topics

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The introduction of the video comes with the findings of Netflix's global research study with Northwestern University that aimed to help the streaming service understand the types of conversations that were being had about the first season of the popular series, which is based on Jay Asher's 2007 book of the same name.

And as such the cast are appearing in an introductory video - set to air before episodes of the controversial series - to warn potential viewers about its hard-hitting topics.

They say that the show is created to start conversations around issues like mental health, sexual assault, and substance abuse, yet advises that this might not be a show for young people who are dealing with those issues themselves, and if they do watch, they should do so with an adult they trust. But if you're struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult.

"Call a local help line or go to 13reasonswhy.info because the minute you start talking about it, it gets easier". The show portrayed her death in a graphic scene which saw Hannah slit her wrists, sparking debates about whether or not the scene was necessary or sensationalized.

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The show released an exclusive video Thursday of Prentice reading a letter from a fan, who also happens to be a sexual assault survivor.

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 will focus on the aftermath of Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford).

Despite the warnings, Netflix made a decision to renew the show for a second season.

Netflix have announced the premiere date and revealed a new promo for "The Rain".

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After the season finale of the teen drama showed student Tyler Down examining his guns and ammuniation before heading off to school, executive producer Brian Yorkey told INSIDER that his severe social isolation and being a victim of bullying willl be explored further. Overall, the study found that the show "opened their eyes" about how people their age may be affected by depression.

Dr. Christine Moutier, a psychiatrist, chief medical officer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in New York City, told ABC News previous year that she recommends only children older than age 11 watch "13 Reasons Why".

Dylan Minnette (Clay) and Devin Druid (Tyler) in Netflix's "13 Reasons Why".

Tyler's won't be the only story to tell come Season 2 - a teaser for the show says "there's more to the story".

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