Donald Trump removes NSA McMaster, replaces him with John Bolton

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Or that it's awfully risky to put Iran back on the path to the bomb just when Trump is preparing to meet with the leader of North Korea. The Iran nuclear deal was a "mistake", he tweeted, and the United States should "tear [it] up".

Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, a think tank founded by former President Richard Nixon, said he believed that Messrs.

What happened? Well, in the time since then, Bolton has made a lot of appearances on Fox News, and.well, there isn't an "and", there's just that.

Trump's announcement that he will replace Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national-security adviser, effective April 9, while disquieting, can not come as a much of a surprise.

Before running for president the NY property developer had no foreign policy experience beyond promoting his global hotels and resorts-and it showed.

National security adviser H.R. McMaster has agreed to resign, a White House official announced on Thursday.

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The NSC serves as the primary coordinator of national security and foreign policy proposals from other agencies around the federal government. Bolton's pick rounds out a team that in Trump's second year will compromise nearly entirely hawks whose public views on national security veer decidedly to the right. But others have linked him to the "paleoconservative" tradition of unilateralist and nationalist skepticism of diplomacy, alliances, and worldwide institutions, which is also frequently used as the "school" to which the president himself belongs. He will be an asset to the administration, and more importantly to the security of the United States.

The clout that he or she wields is heavily dependent on the person's relationship to the president.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections laid out three goals for Bolton's group: to help it elect Republican Senate candidates in Arkansas, North Carolina and New Hampshire; to raise the issue of national security; and to boost Bolton's profile, according to a memo obtained by The Post from the second former Cambridge Analytica employee. Henry Kissinger was famously close to Richard Nixon.

Bolton, a Yale Law School graduate, served as President George W. Bush's United Nations ambassador as a "recess appointment" due to broad opposition to his confirmation in the Senate.

Another unknown: how Bolton's world view and Trump's "America First" doctrine will intersect.

"Actually although it's certainly true the normal route here is months and months and months of preparation, that would simply play into the North Korean playbook: what they've done many times before", he said, adding that Pyongyang and Washington would need to begin "concrete" discussions on denuclearization as soon as possible.

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Another source close to Bolton said it was premature to be talking about personnel changes.

There are still plenty of those who support Bolton as the flawless pick to steer the President's foreign policy agenda and Bolton, it seems, played the long game brilliantly.

The Mercers also donated to the Tillis and Cotton campaigns in 2014.

Mr. Bolton left no doubt that, in his view, that "something else" is a pre-emptive US military strike on North Korea, regardless of the consequences, including the potential use of nuclear weapons for the first time since the 1945 American attacks Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There have been 26 national security advisers to the president.

The position has since been filled by generals and diplomats alike, some lauded and some not ― from Kissinger (who served Nixon and Gerald Ford), to Gen. Colin Powell (under Ronald Reagan), to Condoleezza Rice (the first woman), to Susan Rice (under Barack Obama), to former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's first pick who had the shortest tenure of any of them.

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Democratic Sen. Edward Markey of MA, on hearing the news of the Bolton appointment - which does not require congressional approval - tweeted: "Bolton played a key role in politicizing the intel that misled us into the Iraq War".