Sisi heads for landslide win with low turnout

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Early results from Egypt's election showed President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi cruising towards his expected landslide victory and a second term, but with a lower turnout than the vote that brought him to power four years ago.

Egypt's election commission said the vote would be free and fair, and Sisi said he wished more candidates had run.

Mousa had previously endorsed Sisi for a second term, and his official Ghad part had backed Sisi's presidential bid just 10 days before he announced his candidacy.

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The President won with about 92 per cent of the vote, according to preliminary results on Thursday.

The incumbent president received 96.0 percent of the vote in his first election in 2014, a year after Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, was overthrown as president in a military coup.

Vote counting started after polling stations closed on Wednesday.According to non-official figures, 21,088,295 people voted for Sisi in polling stations across Egypt. It also warned that people who did not vote would be fined 500 Egyptian pounds ($28; £20) - a threat rarely acted upon in previous polls.

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Mr Moussa - a little-known party leader who had supported the president's re-election until his last-minute decision to enter the race - got 3%, it added.

"The votes of Egyptian masses will certainly remain a witness that our nation's will is strongly prevailing", a statement on his Facebook page said.

As ballots are tallied for official results due on April 2, the focus is on turnout since Sisi faced no credible opposition after a crackdown against serious challengers.

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