Blac Chyna Got Into A Major Fight At Six Flags

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Another video shows a fist fight that broke out between two women.

Blac Chyna seemed to address an alleged fight in a post Sunday on Instagram Stories.

Blac Chyna hinted at this when she told her fans that she would protect her child at all costs. "Love, King and Dreams mommy".

But a source close to the situation told TMZ that the woman who touched Dream began shouting at Chyna shortly afterward, calling her a "hood rat" and other derogatory terms. "The family hopes that she will be better for Dream and will learn from this".

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There have been a lot of reports circulating around what caused Rob Kardashian's baby momma to hulk out at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday. "Like woah so I'm dying laughing I couldn't get mad because I was so in shock like she really just came for me and I was tryna complement this lil baby like ok b***h wtf lmao".

A woman claiming to be the other person involved has since taken to Twitter to share her version of events. In videos shared on social media, Chyna is seen grabbing a pink stroller and swinging it around wildly.

Blac Chyna was being extremely aggressive in the video. First, they have 50/50 joint custody so the monthly paying is absurd. If this was how it happened then why in the world wouldn't Chyna say something more along the lines of "Can you please not touch my child?" instead of acting like a thug?

"Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny", Chyna wrote.

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In other words, you will see seven different kinds of insane if you touch my kid! And you said you was going to beat my a**" B***H GONE SAY "yup and I did wassup "and start taking her s**t offfff y'all".

She took her five-year-old son King Cairo out for a day in the theme park.

In a video posted by The Blast, Chyna and the rapper - were seen getting out of a auto, before holding hands, and being asked by paparazzi if they were dating.

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