Villanova head coach Jay Wright thanks the Philadelphia Eagles

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The Villanova innovation, rather, is to have a talent like DiVincenzo, as a redshirt sophomore, come off the bench.

One-and-done players like Marvin Bagley III and Michael Porter Jr. have the natural athleticism (not to mention almost 84 inches of God-given height for each of them) to ensure some level of success, likely more than any of these Villanova guys will have, but the education they've received both on and off the court sets them up for a solid future in whatever they choose to do, and that's something worth noticing. "He doesn't care if he starts".

This is coach Jay Wright's second national championship win for Villanova, with him being the eighth coach in Division-I history to accomplish two national title wins in a three-year span.

"It's my account, yes", DiVincenzo said. The Wildcats call him the "sixth starter".

Villanova's way should challenge our own preconceptions.

"They just adjusted, I think", Wagner said of Villanova's thickening defense.

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But Villanova's experience shows the difference is one of degree, not kind. The Wildcats play most of their games on a network other than ESPN, instead on the lucrative but lesser-viewed FOX networks and occasionally CBS. Players transfer - although fewer than the norm do from Villanova. They really played very good defense. Villanova isn't wanting for star power-but their stars are college stars and not the much-hyped one-and-dones who are bigger names than the schools they represent. "And I just made sure Arike was literally coming to the ball before I passed it to her". Disregard the complaints of players who claim a full college scholarship is not sufficient compensation for their efforts on the court. Plus, just like 2016, the title game was not on CBS but on cable.

"I didn't like the way it looked", Young said. That's a 29% drop from 2017's UNC-Gonzaga championship game, which was broadcast on CBS, and a 14% drop from 2016's Villanova-UNC title match-up, which like 2018's was broadcast on the Turner suite of networks. There is a pattern here. That's exciting for Villanova fans, but less exciting for people who wanted a closely contested game (and also for MI fans).

In the Villanova huddle, the players calmly said the word, "Attitude", a catchphrase of this program, meant to maintain composure. Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt cheered 11th-seeded Loyola-Chicago all the way to a spot in the Final Four. They are hungry, having last won the trophy in 1989 under coach Steve Fisher.

They "talk about it every day", Wright said. Sure, the thought of an opportunity to go after winning a NBA championship along with a hefty pay raise after winning two national championships at the college level may seem tough to turn down, but also Wright understands how great of a thing he now has going at Villanova.

The Wildcats' 3-pointers weren't falling early.

A win over Villanova would have been the 800th of Beilein's collegiate coaching career, which began with the 1978-79 Erie Community College Kats. The fact is, those sayings the layperson rolls his eyes at are often the ones the coaches and players imbibe with utmost earnestness.

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"I didn't ever get hot like that!"

And so under Wright, Villanova's players have come to see themselves as part of a continuum competing under the Villanova banner, stretching back to the past and into the future.

DiVincenzo was on the bench when Kris Jenkins hit the victor at the buzzer to give Villanova the championship against North Carolina.

As the new guys become the old guys, the process replicates itself.

OK, why would I go with with Wright over, say, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski?

If we're talking money as a possible lure to the NBA, Wright was the 24th-highest paid coach in college basketball this year ($2.585 million). They've run through the tournament with a potent offense and will continue that play on Monday against MI.

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