Lockheed Martin Gets $247.5 Million To Overcome The Sonic Boom

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This new project is part of NASA's greater Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) effort, which aims to fly a supersonic aircraft that is quiet enough to convince legislators to overturn the current regulations.

NASA announced on Tuesday that it had awarded a $247.5 million (€201 million) contract to American aerospace firm Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to build a quieter supersonic aircraft called the "X-plane". Once complete and ready for flight in 2021, the space agency says the plane will cruise at an altitude of 55,000 feet at 940 miles per hour, and that its top speed will be a projected 990 miles per hour with one pilot in the cockpit.

NASA and Lockheed Martin are taking concrete steps toward the creation of jets that travel faster than the speed of sound but are "about as loud as a auto door closing".

This data set will help U.S. and other global regulators to choose supersonic travel and may welcome commercial markets in faster-than-sound air travel. The X-Plane's lineage, will be created to make it less noisy, running at supersonic speeds and allowing travel over inhabited areas.

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Skunk Works will build the aircraft at its Palmdale, California-based facility in preparation for the plane's initial flight in 2021.

Lockheed Martin will create a design for the X-Plane, an experimental aircraft.

The age of supersonic commercial flight ended with the last Concorde flight in 2003.

Brandon says because of the loud noise supersonic aircraft are been barred from flying across the land.

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Currently, U.S. airliners have to travel just below the sound barrier, in order to prevent such booms.

"Our long tradition of solving the technical barriers of supersonic flight to benefit everyone continues", Shin added. Lockheed in December also agreed to help Aerion build its supersonic jet.

The LBFD aircraft will be 29 meters long and will fly at a cruising altitude of around 55,000 ft and reach a speed of 1.44 times the speed of sound. "This X-plane is a critical step closer to that exciting future".

After receiving the plane from Lockheed Martin in late 2021, NASA plans to conduct a series of flights over certain US cities to get community feedback on the sound, according to The Times.

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It will produce an equivalent of about 75 decibels of perceived noise levels.NASA plans to fly its new X-plane over a number of American cities.