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Barclay's bank reported a women's median bonus pay of 46.9 percent lower than men's. Reporting is the first step in tackling the gender pay gap, a priority business issue that is holding us all back.

Some journalists at the site were said to be "disappointed" they were choosing not to make their figures public. Over this period, 88% of female employees received a bonus payment compared to 92% of male employees.

Creating equal opportunities for part-time and flexible workers - particularly mothers - through initiatives like home working and job shares would be key in redressing the balance, she said.

"The challenges are enormous and employers are not generally sympathetic to it".

This is largely due to the lack of women in senior roles - only 6 per cent of chief executives of financial services firms are women. We will aim to update you regularly on progress and how you can get involved'.

The company has also given itself a self imposed five-year deadline to achieve a 50/50 gender balance in the Senior Leadership Team.

It's been an uncomfortable exercise for many companies, but advocates welcome the mandatory disclosures.

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The title has published 18 stories about the gender pay gap since March 19. "We're committed to making the right changes and working towards closing this gap".

So how did our region do?

However, a closer look at the data reveals a different picture.

But there were exceptions. This results in women earning on average £1.13 for every £1 men earn.

How is the pay gap calculated?

The news has come to light due to a change in United Kingdom law which stipulates that any company in the market with more than 250 employees must reveal their gender pay gap stats by April 5 (tomorrow). The mean gap is slightly slimmer with women earning 4.1% more than men.

MP Rehman Chishti, who serves as the Conservatives' vice chair, told BBC Radio that the party has a median pay gap of 12.9 per cent in favour of women.

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Anduntil past year, equal pay advocates expected the USA would require companies to do the same.

The region's businesses with the highest gender pay gaps followed national trends, with finance and particular retail sectors performing badly. It said it would "work hard to redress any imbalances".

But the company still had some important differences in how men and women are rewarded. The bonus gap was 30.4% (median) and 49.2% (mean).

From the published data, it is seen that Ryanair reported a 71.8% gender pay gap.

Some industrial sectors have much larger pay gaps, such as air transport with a 35.9 per cent gap, financial and insurance activities with a 32.8 per cent pay gap, the arts with a 36.5 per cent pay gap, and legal and accounting with a 23.8 per cent pay gap.

Women who work at the Principality Building Society are paid, on average, 31.5% less than men.

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