Mortgage Brain launches first mortgage app on Amazon Echo

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In addition to the national expansion, Amazon has added some new features and compatible smart locks.

So, for example, if you're preparing dinner for the whole family, an announcement could summon everyone to the dining room. The WeMo Mini Smart Plug lets you control whatever device is connected to it - such as your lights - with Alexa voice commands.

AWS also announces a new low-priced storage offering called Simple Storage Service (S3) One Zone Infrequent Access.

Trump sues California over sales of U.S. lands
That suit is ongoing. "Our public lands should not be on the auction block to the highest bidder", he said. Asking about citizenship, the lawsuit said, "will fatally undermine the accuracy of the population count".

Those with more than one Echo can say "Alexa, announce..." in order to send an audio message transmitted to every Echo device on the same network.

Amazon is bringing one of Google Home's popular features to its Echo speakers.

The implementation is pretty straightforward and uses an RSS feed from the police into the Alexa skill. However, any Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Echo Spot should be ready to deliver your messages in the very near future.

New Footage and A New GameInformer Cover for Insomniac Spider-Man Released
Until then, at least we know when we'll be wall-crawling and web-swinging across Manhattan; and it's sooner rather than later. That said - no matter where you buy it, or which edition you get, you have a chance to grab these pre-order items.

It's still not clear whether the new feature will make way to other Alexa-enabled devices such as Fire tablets, but it's pretty evident that only smart speakers will have this feature. Compatible Echo devices include just about everything, though the Echo Tap is now not supported.

Reaching level 21 and registering a Clover Statue in Family Farm Seaside will net you $5 in Amazon credit over the next nine days, though that particular offer only applies to new players, i.e. those who haven't already fulfilled those two requirements. Using this new Alexa Announcements feature, you can use those speakers together as a one-way Echo intercom using only your voice without any extra set up necessary.

Check out Amazon's help page for the feature.

Apple working on touchless control and curved iPhone screen
Samsung now uses smartphone screens that curve, but its curved screens slope down at the edges, rather than from top to bottom. The Samsung Air Gestures system relies on hand-wave motions, which are detected by a motion sensor on the phone's bezel.