Caravan in Trump's Crosshairs Stalls Far From Border

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Mujica praised the Mexican government for its response. "Some people in Mexico called her the 'Hillary wannabe, ' and it is believed she will play more of a spoiler role".

Latin America Working Group's senior associate, Daniella Burgi-Palomino criticized Trump is "just looking for more excuses to demonize migrants from Latin America, migrants who are now on the caravan".

The annual event has the largest amount of participants this year - more than 1,100 people - and organizers estimate that about 200 will not stop in Mexico City, CNN reported Thursday.

Trump, when he announced his campaign, said, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best". The number of people traveling this year is greater than that of last year. They always like to say that's a conspiracy theory. He and his family moved to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas from a border town in Mexico when Villarreal was just a child.

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"You take the risk of staying in your own country, where they are going to kill you, or you take the risk of taking this path, which is risky", Bonilla said.

Christian Vega... was one of about 250 to 300 migrants who boarded a freight train known as "The Beast" at Matías Romeo Avendaño on Sunday in hopes of speeding his journey north. "Getting more unsafe. "Caravans" coming".

"We've recently seen the numbers of illegal border crossings rise from 40-year lows last April to back to previous levels", Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said.

To explain that all, I reached out to CNN's Leyla Santiago, who is in Mexico and covering the caravan. In 2014, the US wrestled with what to do with the more than 68,000 children who had crossed the southern border, many of them unaccompanied.

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The Caravan organizers, a group called, Pueblos Sin Fronteras, have said that one of their aims in escorting people from Honduras and other countries to Mexico and the USA has been to protect them from assaults that asylum seekers and migrants can encounter. In fact, he said, numerous migrants hoping to reach the border planned to ask for asylum - not sneak over illegally.

The "Stations of the Cross" caravan is a journey undertaken annually. "They laugh at our dumb immigration laws".

Another wrinkle in the story that may undercut claims from the Mexican government is the fact that, when BuzzFeed's on-the-ground reporter tried to confirm the Mexican Secretariat of the Interior's past claims to have deported 400 caravan members, he was told by both the marchers and an anonymous immigration officer that this had not happened.

Mexican immigration officials Wednesday handed out legal permits of up to a month to hundreds of migrants who spent their fourth day in a public park here in the southern state of Oaxaca, waiting for the caravan to continue.

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Instead, hundreds of Central American migrants are being granted free and legal passage through Mexico, which makes it much easier for any hopeful illegal immigrants to make it to the United States and cross our southern border.