Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives in Spain

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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has rejected Saudi officials' anti-Iran remarks, saying Riyadh can not hide its black record of promoting extremism and supporting terrorism through playing a blame game.

Riyadh can not change its fate by playing a blame game, buying security or supporting terrorist groups, the Iranian official added.

Qassemi finally called on the French officials to remind the Saudi rulers of the fate of former aggressors and dictators during their bilateral talks.

"Some of the former and current Saudi officials have created crises, tensions, destabilisation and relentless and long-time wars in Western Asia through their wrong decisions and choices, unconsidered policies including unconditional support for Saddam and creating, leading and sponsoring Al-Qeada, ISIS and other terrorist groups and waging war on Yemen and now making fresh attempts to build an alliance with the Zionist regime", he said.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, will conclude his visit with further discussions with President Emmanuel Macron ahead of a gala dinner at the Elysee Palace.

This marked a change of direction for Macron, who had previously clashed with Saudi Arabia after expressing he was committed to the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.

Macron and the crown prince planned to discuss a "strategic partnership" that would yield contracts by the time Macron visits Saudi Arabia at the end of the year, the French presidency said.

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and France have both said that they could take part in military action in Syria after a suspected chemical attack killed at least 60 people in the eastern Ghouta region over the weekend.

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His Royal Highness the Crown Prince's visit was an opportunity to celebrate the long history of friendship and cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France.

Also atop the agenda were the wars in Yemen and Syria; Saudi Arabia's regional rival, Iran; and the fight against terrorism and terrorist financing.

"The existence of indiscriminate shelling by the coalition armed forces affecting civilian populations in Yemen can be qualified as acts of torture", they wrote.

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