Every Major Change In The Superstar Shakeup

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Tonight begins the Superstar Shake-up, meaning that a ton of new Superstars will be coming to Raw this week, while others will be going to SmackDown tomorrow.

The SmackDown Live roster were all at Raw last night as the WWE Superstar Shake-Up kicked off.

Hardy recently returned from an injury hiatus which had kept him out of action since late-2017. Charlotte Flair, Naomi, and Becky Lynch are all on SmackDown Live, and they seem destined to be separated after working together so closely for months with nobody turning heel.

The Superstar Shakeup did not attract as many viewers as the Raw after WrestleMania. This is the first Shakeup in a year and will drastically change how both shows operate.

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Last week, former NXT Tag Team Champions the Authors of Pain debuted on Raw and defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno.

After receiving fashion violations earlier tonight, Sheamus and Cesaro look to fight those tickets in the ring. Welcome to Raw, Jinder Mahal.

The main event of the night ended in tragedy for The Miz, as his last match on RAW saw him betrayed by his Miztourage. What's special about Miz moving to Smackdown is he'll come face to face with Bryan, who is cleared to compete.

The WWE is in the middle of their 2018 Superstar Shakeup, and tonight they conclude things on SmackDown Live.

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Of course, that heat only means so much without any follow through, so Raw immediately pivots, as Angle takes Jinder up on his boast that he can beat anyone in the locker room and institutes an open challenge for the United States Championship.

Natalya - Similar to Ryder, Bringing Natalya to RAW provides her an opportunity to work with new wrestlers in the women's division and have fresh matches against new talent like Moon, Jax and Bayley.

It's hard to say if the rest of the night really bothers to tell stories with the returns, shakeups, and call-ups, but for the most part this is still a fun, compelling show. They haven't found almost the success they should've reached by now on Raw, and a change to SmackDown Live could re-vitalize their careers. When Dolph Ziggler showed up halfway through the show, I can't say I was all that interested, especially when he's sporting the same gimmick that's failed to get off the ground over on SmackDown.

Baron Corbin heads over to Raw via promo video, which featured plenty of footage of Corbin beating up Kalisto. Now, all three former members of 3MB are on Raw.

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Sonya Deville is needs to go to SmackDown.