Amazon app now available for worldwide shopping

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"The International Shopping experience displays clear pricing, shipping costs, and import duty estimates, with Amazon coordinating with courier services for customs clearance on behalf of the customer". They can further customize their experience by setting their preferred language and currency. "The International Shopping experience solves this customer need and makes it simple to browse, shop and ship more than 45 million products to over a hundred countries around the world". The online retail giant has recently announced a new update to its app on Android and iOS, that should theoretically alleviate some of these issues. The company has introduced a new feature in its app as well as mobile browser that will allow users to order goods from different parts of the world.

The tech giant has launched a new global shopping feature that will allow people in several countries to buy products from its US marketplace.

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New users who download the Amazon iOS app will automatically be set for this International Shopping experience.

Amazon's "international shopping experience" won't make more items available locally, but the company argues it will make shopping through its app more convenient. Amazon said worldwide shopping is available in more than 100 countries, but didn't specify which ones are still off-limits.

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Amazon continues to push into overseas markets in a variety of ways, and global shopping can help the company establish a foothold in markets before committing more company resources to their development. 25 currencies will be supported with more languages and currencies being added throughout 2018. The company offers Prime Video streaming in 200 countries with the worldwide version of its Fire TV stick, per TechCrunch.

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