Amy Schumer on Pride and Prettiness

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This is the message of Amy Schumer's latest comedy, "I Feel Pretty", which follows troubled and self-conscious Renee Bennett (Schumer).

The real gift of Renee's wish "coming true" is not that other people have stopped judging her: It's that she is oblivious to how others see and judge her. It is there Renee meets a model (Emily Ratajkowski) who proves that looking like a 10 doesn't always lead to happiness. However, in real life, that confidence has to be honest. When Renee asks a pretty woman on the street where she got her dress, and learns that it's from Target, Renee whispers, cattily, "Aren't girls like us so lucky that we can shop anywhere and still look fly as hell?"

It was written, Schumer revealed, "for me to just stand there and pose". It's clear she and filmmakers Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein (married to actor Busy Phillips, who co-stars as Renee's forgettable friend Jane) are going for a broader audience, but she needs an R rating. She's obnoxious around her friends, ditching them to hang with the pretty people at her company.

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However, I'll fully admit that Renee comes from a world that I, as a man, can not possibly understand. It's not as incredible as I'd hoped, but not as horrifying (see Shallow Hal) as I'd feared.

This seemingly minor but actually crucial distinction contains the poisonous seed that eventually rots I Feel Pretty from the inside.

An early trailer for the film, which opens in USA movie theaters on Friday, was heavily criticized on social media for appearing to fat-shame women whose bodies do not conform to fashionably slim and toned ideals. "So even though it sometimes feels like the movie is nailing the tortured feeling of obsessing over your body, it just doesn't have anywhere to go, or any way to develop that premise". If gaining unwavering self-confidence and joy in one's body were attained as easily as getting knocked on the head, I guarantee you someone would try to replicate those circumstances. And, ultimately, she writes, "There's rich material and great performers strewn throughout the film that simply don't get enough room to shine, and the movie suffers as a result". Lily LeClaire, whose offices look like Coachella, or Anthropologie, is making a "diffusion line" for Target, and Renee is the only woman in the building who has ever shopped there.

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I'm an Amy Schumer fan. Maybe I'll fall in love a couple more times but I don't need that partner.

DeGeneres joked: "I think she has heard worse!" During a round of "Ellen's Burning Questions", Schumer professed her affection for NKOTB star Joey McIntyre and also provided plenty of NSFW answers about her love life - all while her mom watched in horror from the crowd. Schumer says that there were no intentions for anyone to feel that there were body shaming motives behind I Feel Pretty.

There are a few moments wherein Schumer has a chance to successfully deploy the brash, take-me-as-I-am persona she has cultivated on stage and in her starring debut, Trainwreck, but mostly the script shows signs of having been awkwardly retrofitted to accommodate the star and her brand.

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