DICE Is Apparently Working On A Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode

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The plan seems to be to first develop the system and then add it to the game after the fact as a free download. Battlefield 5 has been rumored for a few months now but the addition of a battle royale mode could bring something totally different to the series. Considering the Battle Royale sky has been full stars lately, some fans feel Tilted Towers may not be the only location to be struck by a massive rock.

While Kotaku's excellent Patricia Hernandez isn't convinced this will actually be the case, it's at least possible simply because it's in keeping in the spirit of what Epic Games has done with Fortnite so far. The game has always been a shooter with massive maps, player counts, and vehicles.

Players now have to pay if they want to play the PVE mode, but Epic Games has said in the past that it aims to make the game free-to-play in 2018.

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With the increased meteor sightings, it looks like we may finally get those answers here soon so stay tuned with us here as we update this story! "Please share your feedback as we continue to work on these changes". We'll keep you updated, obviously. Let us know in the comments.

The weapon does exactly what it sounds like: It's an explosive missile that can be remotely controlled.

The objective of "Fortnite [VIDEO]" revolves around players making their way through absurdity and chaos of the storm in randomly generated maps, indulging in refuging the survivors and co-operating with other players to defend and secure their belongings, while engaging in combat with the creatures that aim to obstruct their goals. That source claims that the studio is now experimenting with different ways to get the basic concept of a battle royale title to work within the Battlefield systems. The game is now available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with an iOS released just this month.

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This comes after Fortnite Battle Royale's next weekly challenges have leaked ahead of time, which will surely interest fans who are intent on filling up their Season 3 Battle Pass.

That's why the latest in-game thing that's got everyone talking is so fascinating.

You can find the new Week 9 Challenges in the list below as well as the gallery. The mode is in a prototype stage and will only release the mode if they are happy with the final build.

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