Would You Travel The World For Money?

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To make WOW Air just a tad bit more fantastic, right now they are looking to hire "Travel Guides" for a summer position.

Wow Air-the budget-friendly Icelandic airline is searching for two friends who love to travel the world together this summer while constantly blogging and vlogging about their experiences on the way-and also, they would get paid for it.

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From June 1 to August 15, two winners will be relocated to the airline's home in Reykjavik where they will be given a "trendy" downtown apartment, a vehicle and a monthly salary to cover costs. The airline is accepting applications for the 3 month paid summer job, where you'll move to Iceland to work as a content creator/travel guide with one of your friends.

The winners will be allowed to pick where they go, a representative for the airline told Business Insider, which could include places like Barcelona, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and NY. Lodging and travel expenses are covered, and you'll be able to choose from 38 destinations to visit.

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Well, you'll be flown around the world to various cities to discover the hot-spots and the must-sees, filming vlogs, posting to Instagram and basically creating an overall digital tourist guide to wherever you go.

Interested applicants need to create and upload a two-minute sample video of a guide to their hometown. The contest is open to candidates across the world.

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The deadline for the submission of entries is 14 May after which a panel of judges would be selecting the winners. Winners have to respond within 48 hours of being announced, otherwise they forfeit their slot.