Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Not Coming According to Company Spokesperson

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Online Play: Something we've also known about for some time, Nintendo Switch Online membership gives you access to online features in games. This could be bad news for those that were hoping for a more chat-oriented app direct in the system. Unfortunately, the downside to multiplayer gaming is the need to download the Nintendo Switch Online app on your mobile device to chat with friends. The other 10 games will be announced closer to launch and more games will be added regularly after September.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima noted that despite 3DS being 7 years old is still being supported by Nintendo because it is cheaper compared to Switch and that makes it easier for parents to but this handheld for their children.

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A Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku via email that there are no plans at the moment to bring classic games together under the title of Virtual Console in the same way Nintendo has done on previous systems. These will include classics like "The Legend of Zelda", "Mario Bros.", "Balloon Fight", "Donkey Kong", and many others. Nintendo will be including 20 NES games that are going to have online features, though they can be played offline as well. The 12-month family plan will cost you $34.99. There will be some exceptions to this, not every game will require the online service to play online.

Nintendo didn't clarify if the 20 NES games would later be joined by SNES games, but they did mention that they would be expanding the roster of NES titles over time.

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And like Nintendo has said from the beginning, it is adapting all of these games to work online.

This service is not without its problems but the overall pricing, cloud saves, and the announcement of NES classics on the Switch encourages me that the online subscription will be a great addition to the Switch. Online NES Games are interesting with potential for more system is exciting.

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Nintendo has officially announced new details about the Nintendo Switch Online service, set to launch in September 2018. But the games usually had some useful modern features included and offered a way for Nintendo fans to access the games they loved most from years gone by.