Long-awaited 'Mega Man 11' launches on Xbox One and PC in October

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The first new game in the long running franchise from over 8 years, Mega Man 11 introduces a whole new art style that blends 3D models and hand drawn environments, whilst retaining the popular 2D platforming fans know and love. To celebrate the news of a release date, Capcom has released a brand new trailer for Mega Man 11, which you can check out below. The footage in the new trailer also shows the game's new Double Gear system.

Double Gear: When at critical health, Mega Man can unleashed his maximum power, allowing for deft maneuvers.

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Defeated Robot Masters will drop special weapons that Mega Man can acquire and equip, and that will change his appearance when in use.

Powerful New Gameplay Options - The Double Gear system adds a unique new twist on the satisfying platforming action, offering options to enhance Mega Man's speed and power on the fly. His boss battle is some vintage Mega Man, as he moves quickly and uses the Speed Gear to zap players before they even have a chance to react. Capcom mentioned that they were targeting a late 2018 release so the October 3rd date does seem to fall in line. Do you like the new gear system? The Japanese collector's edition for Nintendo Switch will include a Mega Man amiibo figure.

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You can preorder Mega Man 11 for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One on the official website. Another new feature in Mega Man 11 is the addition of a weapon wheel, which allows players to equip any weapon instantly. Brick Man can form blocks out of thin air, while Fuse Man moves with electrifying speed.

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