"Murdered" Anti-Kremlin journalist back from the dead as Ukraine admits set-up

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Journalist Arkady Babchenko was reportedly shot three times in the back while leaving his apartment in the Ukrainian capital and died en route to the hospital. He in turn had hired a gunman.

Babchenko told the news conference he had previously fled Russian Federation after receiving death threats. He apologized to her "for the hell she had to go through in the past two days".

Ukrainian officials asked him to participate in a sting operation to avoid being assassinated, he said.

Olha, a pensioner who lives in a sixth-floor apartment across the hall from Babchenko, said she had spent much of the day crying, speaking to journalists, and being questioned by police, who asked what she might have seen or heard.

"I'm glad he is alive, but he undermined even further the credibility of journalists and the media", he added.

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"We demand that the Ukrainian authorities make every effort to promptly investigate the crime", the Russian ministry said on May 29 after reports about Babchenko's "murder."

Mr Babchenko sparked a backlash in Russian Federation for his comments in a 2016 Facebook post on the military plane crash. He explained the operation was successful after Ukraine's security services arrested the suspect.

The Ukrainian government treated Mr Babchenko's death as real following the staged incident.

"Law enforcers could not fail to understand that the news of the murder of Arkady Babchenko would be a pain in thousands of hearts around the world".

Russia's Foreign Ministry, which had earlier denied any involvement in Babchenko's death, said it was pleased to hear that he was actually alive, accusing Ukraine of "propaganda". He traveled to the conflict in Ukraine, which continues to claim lives, and criticized the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines passenger flight MH17, which killed 298 people. "Ukrainian authorities must disclose what necessitated the extreme measure of staging news of the Russian journalist's murder".

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Moscow's annexation of Crimea and support for separatist insurgents in eastern Ukraine were topics on which the journalist was scathingly critical of the Kremlin.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said in a social media posting late on Tuesday he was convinced what he called "the Russian totalitarian machine" had not forgiven Mr Babchenko for what Mr Groysman called his honesty.

"We state that the problem of life and death in Ukraine and the trust that the worldwide community vests in its policy are little more than small change for the Kiev regime, which is fanning the anti-Russian hysteria", the statement said.

In one, he said he felt no regret about the deaths of Russian army choir members and others from a December 2016 plane crash as they were heading to perform before Russian troops in Syria.

He has hosted a programme on the Crimean Tatar TV station ATR for the past year.

"Murdered" Russian Journalist Shows Up at Press Conference
As they will be, undoubtedly, while Ukraine attempts to roll up the assassin network in Ukraine that tried to take out Babchenko. Police told The Moscow Times on Tuesday that Babchenko's work was the likely motive for the killing.

Russian Federation is ranked 148 out of 180 counties on the World Press Freedom Index 2018, compiled by press freedom campaign group Reporters Without Borders.