Buh-bye, Facebook: Teens favor YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

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According to a Pew Research Report released today, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube are now more popular than Facebook, a social network with more than two billion monthly active users worldwide.

When Pew Research conducted the same survey on teens in 2015, 71 percent of teens said that they used Facebook as the online platform. That is a 20 percent drop since 2015, the last time the firm surveyed the social media habits of teenagers.

When asked what platform they use more often, 32% said YouTube, while 35% said Snapchat. Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site among teens ages 13 to 17.

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The popularity of Facebook is considerably higher among children from families with low income. YouTube was not included in the 2014-2015 survey.

Meanwhile, only 10% of teens say Facebook is their most-used online platform. The world's largest social network has finally been eclipsed in popularity by YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook-owned Instagram. Instagram earned only 15-percent of "most used" responses. Twitter pulled off three percent, while Reddit and Tumblr were being used by one percent and less than one percent respectively.

"Depending on Facebook's continued evolution, as these teens grow older and go through different life events, they may again embrace Facebook", said LSA's Sterling.

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Most of those aged 13 to 17 own or have access to a smartphone, with 45% online on a near-constant basis. Thirty-one percent say it has a mostly positive effect, 24 percent say it's mostly negative and 45 percent say it's neither. And only 51 percent of U.S. teens stated that they use Facebook as their go-to social networking service.

The study also probes the effect social media is having on America's youth, and finds almost a third (31%) see it as mostly positive, while almost a quarter (24%) see it as mostly negative. On the other hand, roughly 31% say social media has had a mostly positive impact, while 24% describe its effect as mostly negative. One of the platforms that are missing from the most recent survey is Vine.

It also added that it had found that the increase in smartphone ownership played a huge part in teen life - pointing out that the current 95 percent is a 22-point increase from the 73 percent of teens three years ago.

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