Giuseppe Conte to be sworn in as Italian prime minister

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The League says the vast majority of migrants in Italy have no right to refugee status, Italy can not afford to help them and by accepting low pay, they worsen the working conditions of Italians.

He said that increasing deportations and limiting new arrivals would end up saving lives.

Italy is the main destination for migrants crossing from North Africa to Europe, although numbers have fallen in recent months.

The ceremony capped a roller-coaster week of political and financial turmoil that saw stock markets around the world plunge and Italy's borrowing rates soar on the threat of a new election in Europe's third-largest economy.

But the alliance between the M5S and the League will only have a relatively narrow majority in the Italian Senate, easing some concerns among investors and officials in Brussels that the new government could take drastic actions. The money would be better spent "building a future for them" in their home countries, Salvini said. I will not stand by and do nothing while there are landings after landings.

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"To overcome our common challenges, we need unity and solidarity more than ever", he added.

He said he would work to discourage "thousands of desperate people who have the illusion that in Catania, in Sicily, in Italy there is housing and work for everyone".

The League has also faced widespread criticism for xenophobic, anti-immigrant policies reminiscent of those forwarded by far-right parties across Europe, such as Germany's AfD and the National Front in France.

"The good times for illegals is over - get ready to pack your bags", he said on Saturday.

The League's call for lifting sanctions is rooted in the economic fallout Italians have suffered - by some estimates as much as 4 billion euros - due to the European Union sanctions and counter-measures imposed by Russian Federation.

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The parties insist that half a million undocumented migrants in Italy must be deported "as a priority".

The coalition plans to revive Italy's sluggish economy by rejecting austerity and increasing spending, and also wants to renegotiate European Union treaties and review the bloc's economic governance.

31 May: Five Star and the League say they have agreed to restart coalition negotiations.

However, while he retained the fighting tone that helped spur his rise to power, he did temper his words when it came to NGOs organising rescues at sea, which he has previously called "smugglers" and accused of complicity with people traffickers.

"The immigration question is still hot, so I will ask all who are concerned with it how we can improve it", he said.

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Tunisia has largely stemmed Italy-bound human smuggling operations, but the number of Tunisian migrants who have reached Italy so far this year, 2,889, are more than the number from any other country.