Having the lols! Meghan and the Queen are officially besties

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They arrived at Runcorn earlier this morning when Meghan revealed it was her first in the North. A low and slow curtsy is recommended for addressing the monarch.

All the experts agreed that Elizabeth II looked pleased to be with her adored grandson's new bride and was satisfied with her ability to handle herself at events on behalf of the royal family.

She said: "Meghan looked simply ideal, she is actually draw droopingly gorgeous..." Following that, she will have addressed her as Ma'am when other people could hear and by the family's intimate address Mama when they couldn't. To accessorise her outfit, the Queen wore the Kensington Bow Broach, which she has worn on many significant occasions, including her mother's funeral in 2002.

While the Queen carried her trademark black Launer handbag on her arm, Meghan held a clutch bag in her hand.

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Today is the opportunity for Meghan to receive a masterclass from the Queen in how to conduct royal engagements.

Less than a month on the new job, Meghan is still getting the hang of royal protocol.

All eyes were on the Duchess as she passed another royal milestone, joining the Queen for an event without her husband for the first time.

"This Meghan was, I would say, a little more nervous". And, according to the photos, it looks like Meghan might just be the Queen's new favorite grandchild. Mrs Briscoe, said: "I was actually stunned by how handsome she is in the flesh".

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The Queen was joined by Meghan to officially open the Mersey Gateway Bridge and Chester's Storyhouse Theatre.

"The Queen would have been a relaxing factor in terms of her body language. At one point they chuckled together like naughty schoolgirls".

Plus, Meghan proved she has mastered the duchess slant ― a pose popularized by the Duchess of Cambridge in which the knees are shifted slightly to the side for the sake of modesty when wearing a dress or skirt. She is clearly completely confident about Meghan's level of confidence.

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