Net Neutrality Has Been Rolled Back - But It's Not Dead Yet

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Net neutrality rules established under the Obama era were officially repealed today following a vote last month by the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat who voted against the repeal, said Monday that the decision put the FCC "on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American public".

Net neutrality, which once required internet service providers to treat all online content the same, is now gone starting Monday. In his view, removing the rule will open the floodgates to corporate investment, ultimately providing faster and more widespread internet access.

Organizations that fought to preserve net neutrality say the battle isn't over.

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There's also no mention in Pai's op-ed about how the two largest ISPs in the nation - Comcast and Spectrum (Charter, Time Warner Cable) - score incredibly low in both customer service and value from Consumer Reports.

"Those "fast lanes" will put those who won't or can not pay in the slow lane, making the internet look a lot like cable TV", Sohn says.

A number of states have tried to get around the FCC's repeal by either developing legislation laying out their own net neutrality rules, or by issuing gubernatorial executive orders that limit which Internet providers can do business with the state. It bars providers from prioritizing some content over others and from blocking web traffic.

No Paid Prioritization: broadband providers may not favor some lawful Internet traffic over other lawful traffic in exchange for consideration - in other words, no "fast lanes". "The Internet is coming for net neutrality". How has Amazon's entry changed the grocery business? Then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called it a victory, saying the rules allowed the commission to act as an Internet "referee". Some states are creating their own net neutrality rules, but are barred by the FCC from implementing them.

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Rival services like Sling TV and Netflix count video against data caps, essentially making them more expensive to watch. They're anxious the providers will charge consumers extra to reach particular sites and services in a speedy manner, either by directly billing them or by charging companies like Netflix, which could be expected to pass on the costs to their subscribers. More than 80 percent of Americans support net neutrality, according to a University of Maryland poll released in December.

A group of 22 states have sued the FCC over the repeal. "But starting today they have the legal ability to do so at any time they choose". For example, an ISP could charge a base fee for basic internet, and $5 extra for a social media package that includes Facebook and Twitter, or a $10 entertainment package that bundles in streaming music as well.

Broadband providers "remain committed to the principles under which internet innovation has thrived", Mr. Spalter said. Others, including the governors of Montana and NY, used executive orders to force net neutrality.

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