Cardin Dodges on Whether U.S. Should Abolish ICE

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In her statement, Nielsen thanked Homan, who planned to retire when former President Barack Obama left office but made a decision to stay until Mr. Trump found a replacement.

Homan also gave President Donald Trump accolades for being tougher on immigration and more diligent to protect US citizens than half a dozen presidents he has served under. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, took to ABC's "This Week" to tell the watching television audience that no, Immigration and Customs Enforcement should not be abolished and those who are calling for such ought to step to the back of the room and be quiet.

"The Democrats are making a strong push to abolish ICE, one of the smartest, toughest and most spirited law enforcement groups of men and women that I have ever seen", he said. "They are great!", he tweeted Saturday.

In another tweet, Trump said: "To the great and fearless men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit". Next it will be all police. Dems want Open Borders and are weak on Crime!' Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable!

The call from ICE agents drew attention from Trump critics on social media, who said it put on clear display the fact that the president's immigration policies have centered on persecuting immigrants, contrary to his claims that ICE is focused on protecting USA national security.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley of NY in the primary last week, ran on a platform of abolishing the agency, and so far, more lawmakers have echoed her call. Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y., and Elizabeth Warren, Mass. "I believe that it has become a deportation force". We need to separate immigration issues from criminal justice.

The "Abolish ICE" movement is certainly picking up steam.

Ocasio-Cortez touted the abolition of ICE as a key platform in her campaign.

In March, California Sens. "We need it gone", said Bortolleto.

"The mistreatment of immigrant children and families is one of the most urgent crises we face", Gillibrand said in a statement announcing the new position. She added, "Instead of being insulted with politically-motivated attacks, the men and women of ICE should be praised for risking life and limb every day in the name of national security and public safety". Homan also said the protesters "need to educate themselves" about ICE's activities and that they are seeking "better rules for illegal alien families than we have for USA citizen families".

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Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was asked by ABC News "This Week" Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz on Sunday about the growing calls to disband the agency.

But the truth is that abolishing ICE isn't that radical.

"After Ocasio-Cortez" win, Republicans, who were apparently unaware that #AbolishICE had been circulating among liberals for months, immediately pounced in the hopes that the immigration nightmare the Trump administration has created could be turned into a political victor by portraying Democrats as soft on the border.

"We have to have an agency at the border; I what that policy to reflect not what President Trump has done".

"I think they'll never win another election".

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It was unclear which towns Trump was referring to, and neither the White House nor ICE immediately responded to requests for clarification Saturday.