Farm Bureau Applauds Trade Progress with Canada

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But it opens only about 3.6 percent of Canada's market for dairy, poultry and eggs to the US, and that's not much for American farmers.

Canadian dairy farmers have castigated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government for yielding to US demands for greater access to Canada's protected milk and cheese market as part of a new continental trade pact, but auto workers were pleased. Robertson says Canada was adamant about keeping it because it had used the provision several times while NAFTA was still in effect. But he believes those profits would mostly be seen by farmers living near the border between United States and Canada.

Essentially what we've seen is the framework for a new agreement between the three countries that ensures that we'll maintain zero tariff access for the long term.

Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said, "I am pleased that the Trump administration was able to strike a deal to modernize NAFTA with both Mexico and Canada".

"It's a win-win for the Americans", she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a press conference that the auto sector was a key priority in negotiations.

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Monroe says the USA pork sector has been in expansion mode but the uncertainty we've seen around exports over the past year has inhibited investments.

He said the Liberals have now given up 10 per cent of our market, putting Canadian producers under significant pressure and leaving Canadians anxious about the quality and safety of products that will cross over our border. "However, what was agreed to last night demonstrates very little support for our interests", said Mathieu Frigon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC).

Our government will be speaking directly with industry representatives from Ontario's steel, aluminum, auto and agriculture sectors to determine the impacts of this deal.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada said market-share losses from recent trade deals is 18 per cent, an amount worth $1.8-billion to milk producers. "There's no doubt about that". Supply management works in two ways.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Jim Holte says the agreement is welcomed "with opened arms". It's an agreement that removes uncertainty for our manufacturers and investors, and improves labour rights for all North Americans.

"At a minimum we haven't lost any ground. Versus a very unpredictable and protectionist US administration, I think Canada did as well as it could".

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Warren Graeff, agriculture banking market manager for PNC Bank, says “ultimately the news appears friendly to the USA dairy industry.” PNC has about 2,600 branches spread across 19 states, including several in Madison and Milwaukee.

"The markets are reacting positively and with relief but they're certainly not euphoric by any means".

"I don't see a big resurgence in prices because of it", said Bob Wellington, an economist for Agri-Mark, a Northeast cooperative based in Andover, Massachusetts, which represents 900 farms.

Green party leader Mike Schreiner lauded the new trade agreement and said it's essential to the province's economy. He said he was "amazed" at the announcement of the deal.

What's the deal with NAFTA and what's going on?

The lifted uncertainty could be enough to prompt more business investment, said RBC senior economist Nathan Janzen in a note. He also argued that the labeling system undermines USA cattle producers, who are forced to compete with cheaper imports from Canada and Mexico. One, it preserves and enhances the Mexico trade relationship.

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