Palm is back with a tiny smartphone on a full Android

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However, it is only available exclusively for Verizon customers since the phone will be sold as an add-on device to their existing plans. It just has a fancy name.

Palm is the new San Francisco-based startup authorizing a standout amongst the most respected names in the smartphone industry, all to make a gadget meant to free us from the steady siege of email notices, Slack messages and Instagram posts tormenting the lives.

Palm, a California based company, launched its first smartphone Palm Phone.

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But before you get excited about ditching your giant phablet for a new Palm, know that the Verizon-exclusive device can only be used in conjunction with your main smartphone.

If you think your smartphone addiction is reaching new levels, find other ways to ditch your iPhone or Android device.

'Palm is for those moments when you are more engaged in real life than your device, but you still may want to Snapchat your bestie, Instagram your dinner or text your friends to join.

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Think about it: we've nearly reached peak smartphone design right now and the latest phones can do some incredible things. Each has a screen that measures five or six inches diagonally, a ecosystem of almost identical apps, and a rectangular body that is now little more than pure screen. Not to mention that the more money you spend on a new smartphone, the better the overall experience you get. The new Palm device will easily fit within the palm of your hand, and is somewhere around 1/4th the size of Pixel XL.

Display: 3.3 inches, LCD, 720p, protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. When you turn the screen on, the Palm Phone is connected again. It's essentially an alternative to a dumb phone or a smartwatch that gives you more features while hopefully discouraging you from staring at a screen all the time. When you're going for a workout at the gym, going for a hike in the country or working in your friend's garage, you may want to leave your expensive iPhone XS Max at home and only use the iPhone mini. The phone supports all modern apps from the Google Play store, but, its tiny display may result in a less than adequate user experience. Before it shut down in 2011, the company brought some unbelievable innovations to the mobile digital device industry that inspired features of today's phones.

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