Apple revamps MacBook Air after years of neglect

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That starts at $799. 100 million Macs are now out there in the wild now, which is a major milestone for the company. True enough, but the Mac 'board remains a love it or hate it affair. It's not as bad as thin as the rebranded CoreM in the 12-inch MacBook, but it's not the full-on I-series in the MacBook Pro either. And while the bestselling MacBook Air saw some minor nips and tucks since then - adding a second USB port, updating the processor and RAM - the 2008 industrial design stayed largely stayed the same. In that sense, the new MacBook Air skirts such perils. It will most likely be added to all future MacBooks though to add an unprecedented level of security. The new Air has a new Retina display at 2560 by 1600 pixels.

Apple points out this is the third-generation version of the switches, four times more stable than the wobbly keycaps on the old MacBook Air, and now featuring an LED per key for consistent brightness.

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The new machine marks the debut of a Retina display on the MacBook Air, which Cook said has been the most requested feature by far. Even as Apple totally revamped its MacBook Pro line with better displays and shallower keyboards, and released the thinner 12-inch MacBook in 2015, the MacBook Air, curiously, was largely left to languish for years. It is still the butterfly design. I doubt anybody will complain about the significantly larger Force Touch trackpad, which feels like it's physically moving while in fact doing nothing of the sort. A new three-mic array makes audio input clearer for FaceTime calls and Siri commands.

The notebook has two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports for connectivity. That memory speed and the chip's Intel UHD 617 graphics suggest it's not from the blue team's official roadmap, though, as we can't find a Core i5 chip in Intel's public documentation that's entirely conformant with these specifications. Customers that want to have 16GB of RAM instead need to RM 880 on top of that price tag. Storage-wise, it supports up to 1.5TB SSD that is 60 percent faster than the predecessor.

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AdvertisementApple didn't dedicate much time to its new T2 chip during today's "More in the Making" keynote, but the company's newest security guide gives an in-depth look at the chip. It is 15 per cent thinner compared to the previous iteration, and has 25 per cent less volume. The new iPad Pro 2018 includes 7-core GPU and 8-core CPU and up to 1TGB storage capacity.

The body of the MacBook Air is all-aluminium, it is 100% recycled. And with the enclosure made of recycled aluminum, a lot of us appreciate the greening up of the Mac.

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After months and months and months of rumours and speculation, Apple has finally announced a new MacBook Air to replace the absolutely ancient MacBook Air. Overall, the new MacBook Air's display seems roughly on par with the 2017 MacBook Pro in terms of overall vibrancy and colour.