Android Apps Will Soon Update While You Use Them

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We think so simply because it looks like you have to actively seek out the update, instead of having a pop up appear on your screen. Indeed, Google's data showed that the phone used less than a fifth as much power when displaying black as opposed to white.

As Google presenter Chris Banes noted, the screen itself is one of the biggest drains on battery, so the company has been looking at ways developers could minimize the screen's power usage.

The feature was announced as part of Android's In-App Updates API, which Google said is now being tested and will launch to developers soon.

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In addition, Apple introduced new versions of its tablet computer iPad Pro and its small size desktop computer Mac mini . One thing is for sure - the Apple iPad Pro 2018 is definitely not a starter purchase for any budding Apple fanatic.

In 2014, the company began pushing its Material Design style guidelines, which are meant to give Android apps a modern, consistent look across devices, and make the best possible use of available space. Night mode didn't use any less power on an iPhone 7 with an LCD screen. If you crank brightness on your phone, a damn dark theme on your keyboard could save you 21%.

Google demonstrated how dark mode minimizes battery drain from the screen.

New features for the Android App Bundle tool have been announced at today's Android Dev Summit. YouTube in Dark Mode consumes 14 percent lesser battery when compared to the normal mode and at 100 percent brightness, it consumes 60 percent less battery with the Dark Mode.

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Files by Google is an app that's very, very similar to what was first presented in the Android Go app called Files Go. Along with users, App developers will also benefit from the latest In-app updates API. Google aims to support the new form factors in Android.

Google seems to have finally realized the obvious - Dark Mode can help with increased battery life.

Over 20 child advocacy groups have sent a letter to the FTC regarding advertising in kids apps.

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